Drumsound & Bassline Smith at Homegrown, 05.05.12

Drumsound and Bassline Smith had South Africa on fire over the last week as they toured around the country rocking dancefloors in Cape Town, Johannesburg, PE and Durban. This Saturday saw DS&BLS wrap up their tour at Algorhymn Recording’s monthly party: Homegrown.

From the time Homegrown resident Hyphen started his set when the doors opened at 10pm, the audience was ampt for a big night out and showed their support. After Hyphen rocked the floor, Niskerone introduced DS&BLSmith who opened their set with their latest single Close. Counterstrike followed DS&BLS and Niskerone closed the evening with his set.

Tickets were more expensive this month (R80) to cover costs of the party but the increase was totally worth it. Mercury was looking amazing with double screens and about 10 extra lights! Everything came together for an awesome party and I can finally say that I’ve found a purpose for winter weather – clubbing at Mercury is WAY better when it’s not 30 degrees outside!

Apparently the party had gone down really well in Jozi so I’m really pleased that Cape Town gave them a run for their money. Come on Cape Town! If you missed the party – here’s a clip of the epic night out:

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