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I’m busy moving over to self-hosted facilities so if I’m offline for a few hours then you’ll know why šŸ™‚ Wish me luck!

The Taste of Cape Town Menu is coming Together Nicely! YAY & YUM!

Justine 2013The Taste of Cape Town (11th – 14th of April) is one of my all time favourite festivals. It’s a night out of pure culinary pleasure and so far I’ve attended 4 of them, 2013 will be my 5th event. Last year I was lucky enough to interview well-known cookery author, writer and event coordinatorĀ Justin Drake about the Taste of Cape Town Festival, were food, art and a good toot meet! The dishes I had last year were exquisite, both in presentation and flavour.

The Taste of Cape Town Festival has found its home at the Green Point Cricket Club. Previously it was held at Camps Bay High, The German School in town, St George’s Grammar School in Mowbray, until it found its home at the Green Point Cricket Club in 2012. This year is its 6th event which includes some of the Western Cape’s finest, such as:

  • Justine Comment 2013Azure Restaurant, 12 Apolostes (Bakoven)
  • Beefcakes Burger Bar (Greenpoint +)
  • The Brasserie (Tokai)
  • Dash Restaurant & Bar (Greenpoint)
  • De Grendel (Durbanville)
  • Fyndraai Restaurant (Franschoek)
  • Il Leone Mastrantonio (Green Point)
  • 96 Winery Road (Stellenbosch)
  • Jewel of India (V&A Waterfront)
  • Savour Restaurant at 15 on Orange (CBD)
  • Signal at the Cape Grace (V&A Waterfront)

As well as 4 Pop Up Restaurants:

  • La Colombe (Constantia)
  • The Pot Luck Club at The Old Biscuit Mill (Woodstock)
  • The Boat House (Scarborough)
  • Makaron at Majeka House (Stellenbosch)

Here are a few items that have already caught my eye:

  • Taste-of-Cape-Town-2013Chalmar beef fillet, butternut, corn and gremolata (parsley, garlic, olive oil type pesto/dressing) from Azure.
  • The 24-h-braised lamb breast, parmesan polenta & smoked tomato jus from Dash Restaurant.
  • The De Grendel duck, edamame bean, 5 spice, potpourri risotto. Their braised beef, gnocchi, sweetbreads (which is “afval” if I remember correctly. No, I don’t usually eat this but if these top chefs can’t convince me, no one can!), tomato, garlic and bordelaise as well as their BBQ Quail, baby gem caesar, parmesan & croutons.
  • Fyndraai Restaurant also has lamb ribs with wild herb & garlic potato custard which also sounds good.
  • 96 Winery offer crispy pork belly strips…I sure am a sucker for piggies!
  • The Signal caramelia cremeux hazel nut crunch, pear, marshmallow & pear crumble ice cream also sounds like a dream.
  • The Pot Luck Club also has pork belly with XO & red cabbage slaw.

As you can see I don’t eat seafood nor curry but download the menu for yourself so that you can pick out your favourites. I always do this before I head there so I know exactly what I’m looking for at the event! šŸ™‚

The @TasteofCT #TasteofCT13 offer many other stalls and features including wine sales, treats, craft beer stalls, Pick n Pay and Chef’s Theatre. Usually around October I say, “Isn’t it time for the Taste Festival yet?” So I can’t wait for this year’s event! Get your tickets from the Taste of Cape Town website for:

  • Standard entry R80
  • Premium 1 for R180 which includes entrance, R100 worth of crowns & a tasting glass.
  • Taste Clubhouse which is R685 and includes a tasting glass, R150 worth of crowns, entrance to the club house with a complimentary bar and a Taste of Cape Town gift bag (this must be for the Joburgers visiting šŸ˜› ).

There are numerous “seatings”:

  • THURSDAY (18:30 – 22:30)
  • FRIDAY (18:30 – 22:30)
  • SATURDAY (13:00 – 17:00 and 18:30 – 22:30)
  • SUNDAY (12:00 – 17:00)

Join the Taste of Cape Town Facebook Page for more updates šŸ™‚

*Competition to follow shortly, come back to BCTCBlog for another visit soon šŸ˜‰


[WIN] Public Holiday Party at The Side Show!

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Win double VIP tickets to the Side Show tomorrow night! The Young and Underrated guys never wanna let a public holiday go by without throwing a big party. FILTH. CARNAGE. MAYHEM is on order as well as Niskerone, Hyphen, Bruce … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Ramfest 2013

RiverRamfest has always been my favourite festival because of the type of people who go and the combination of music. It’s seems the least pretentious of all festivals and people just love rock n roll and don’t worry about being filmed LOL This year saw Ramfest relocate to the Circle of Dreams near Riviersonde end. The pictures looked lucious and gorgeous so I was intrigued to visit the venue. This year’s venue has some pros and some cons to is as any new venue would. It’s to my understanding though that the venue has been hired for the next 5 years and will be developed over these years to create the ultimate festival venue. Sounds good to me!


  • Isolated – no noise complaints because there’s no one around except cows!
  • Open space – people can camp next to their cars again halleluja
  • Ramfest Camping TreesTrees! – When the sun starts baking you at 6am it’s the biggest festival kill joy. Trees in general camping = major plus.
  • River – The river was in general camping! I guess this keeps those who are NOT staying out?
  • AblutionĀ blocks – I didn’t actually go in but I did see there were proper ablusion blocks for campers.
  • Bars – A massive bar at each dancefloor & sponsored by Hunters. I’m SO sick of being forced to drink shite sponsored brands, Hunters is my drink and I love that I can have any version there!
  • Lots of toilets – We all know festival loos suck but the more the better and there banks of them at Ramfest.
  • Music – There were a couple of sound issues here and there but overall, the Ramfest line up is always awesome. And with 3 stages, no one can complain. This is why it’s my favourite. Each stage is treated properly with big line ups.

Ramfest 2013 Metal Stage


  • Electronic Floor at DuskFar Away – After 8 years of festivaling, we’re over camping. So we had to drive 2.5 hours there and 2.5 hours back in the middle of the night. It’s pretty far out for a 1 day excursion.
  • Ugly – Ok although the venue has MASSIVE potential it was DAMN UGLY and NOTHING like the idealistic pictures posted on the Circle of Dreams website that looked really lush. I hope this improves!
  • Food – There weren’t the greatest food stalls around. I do like familiar brands, maybe they can look into that?

Ramfest 2013 Main Stage at Night

Over all, there’s not much to bitch about. It’s still a fantastic festival. Monster was on board this year so they had guys doing motorbike gymnastics which was kinda cool.

It was very cold out there at night though, much colder than Worcester so make sure you bring warm clothes in the future. Until 2014 – my 6th Ramfest – can’t wait to see the line up šŸ™‚

P.S I don’t bother talking about the music too closely as it’s subjective. No point starting an internet fight about that!

Details: THE KOOKS In Cape Town For #5GumExperience

IMG_47555Gum Experience Ticket entry for Cape Town on the 5 GumĀ Facebook Page and will be released shortly.

So in true 5 Gum style, where EVERYBODY wants to be involved, the brand is hosting one of the UK’s biggest bands: THE KOOKS!

The Kooks’ single Naive is still one of the best indie pop songs around. But the British band has gone onto greater heights, since releasing their first album, having won themselves a European MTV award, a Brit award as well as hitting number 1 in the UK with their single Konk.Ā Their third album released in 2011, Junk of the Heart, has seen them tour the world from the UK to Australia and now South Africa šŸ™‚

The Kooks 5 GUmGet tickets from the 5 Gum FB page, for Cape Town on April 20th!

I was happy to see that 5 Gum has grown into such an anticipated party. It was the first Gum that gave me the nudge to start this blog. Back then I had tried but realised that WordPress was a greater network. I literally knew nothing about blogging, hosts, social media marketing, good practises and not only writing content but successfully sharing it.

These days it’s become my passion. I see the internet like a destination. The destination is success but how to get there is like diciphering the Da Vinci code! If you figure out the puzzle through various tactics the world becomes your oyster. So I’d like to start off thankingĀ 5Gum Experience 2011!Ā Your first event was so amazing that I was compelled to write about it.

Sadly, last year I was out of town and unable to attend the event. I tried to the decipher the sound clip that was sent out and I was pathetic! Totally didn’t get it LOL But I still enjoy media where the audience chooses to engage instead of being forced by abrasive marketing.

Oh Boy…Oppikoppi 19 Wilderbeast (2013) Has Just Been Launched…

I hate to be a kill joy but this is a seriously ugly flier LOL Maybe that’s why it’s perfect – it represents how the audience looks when they leave the festival LOL Apparently it was inspired by the Badly Drawn Boy album – Wilderbeast. They intentionally commissioned Cape Town artist, Michael Taylor, in order to keep the Oppikoppi poster artwork fresh and alternative so that those who collect them will have a various collection of art works. I think they’ve achieved that here.

And no under 13s? Is that a typo?! šŸ˜‰ FYI It’s no under 18s!!! This festival is next level mayhem! Here’s the Oppikoppi 2013 Facebook event for those of you considering going up. I’m keen to see which Cape Town artists crack the nod this year.

Early bird tickets go on sale TOMORROW – March 19th at R650 a pop. The first 1000 buyers get the official festival t-shirt. That’s pretty cool! Wonder if they actually make ones for girls though…that we wanna wear…not newĀ pajamasĀ .

Oppikoppi Flier

[PICS] Spiros, Houtbay

Spiros, Section, HoutbayMy brother’s been raving about Spiros’ in Houtbay for quite some time so I’ve been keen to try it out but haven’t really ever had reason to drive “out”. So when my friend came to visit from Scotland and was staying in Houtbay, it was the first place I suggested.Ā When she, and her Mom, arrived I said, “My brother’s been raving about this place, have you eaten here before?” To which they replied, “No, we heard about it from your brother.” So it seems he’s an under cover marketer (not really)!

Spiros Menu, HoutbayAs with all Greek restaurants it’s hard to know what to order when there are so many options. I am curious to find the best Greek lamb in Cape Town but ironically, Spiros doesn’t really have it as a dish on the menu. They have a lamb shank option instead. Considering this, I thought it was still better to go for a few options to get a better over view of the restaurant.Ā Spiros has placed the phonetic spellings next to each menu item which is rather fun reading through and practising their pronunciations.

Soukzoukakia at Spiros, HoutbayTo start we decided to share three tapas style dishes: the crumbed calamari, spanakopita and soutzoukakia. I’m not a seafood fan but the calamari were fried to a golden brown colour so I gave it a go. It wasn’t very “fishy” which either means it was incredibly fresh or had been in the deep freeze – which always results in meats losing its flavour.

Soutzoukakia is a meatball with “red sauce”. Described as “Smyrniah meatballs” on the menu which the waiter said meant ‘oval’ shaped. These were dense but I enjoyed them although they were wrapped in fresh bay leaves which I had to pick off. I’d have preferred if the kitchen had done that.

Spinakopita at Spiros, HoutbayThe Spanakopita was my favourite of the three. The spinach and feta were closely packed together so the flavour was richer than other versions that I had which I really enjoyed. They were so well-balanced there was no need for extra seasoning. The pastry topping wasn’t very crispy. I suspect they were affected by steam somewhere along the line as it was delicate but had lost their crispy-ness. None the less I thoroughly enjoyed them.

For mains I opted for the yiro with a lamb filling. Interestingly, they didn’t split the pita breads and filled them, they actually used them as wraps and wrapped them in tin foil. My friend made the mistake of pulling hers out of the tin foil which means it flopped open like a topped pita. I kept mine nice and snuggly and enjoyed eating it almost like street food. I’d be more than happy if Spiros’ had a wrap food truck somewhere around Cape Town!Ā I have to say the garlic was pretty pungent in the tzatziki but being the breather and not the breathee, I thoroughly enjoyed mine!

RIbs at Spiros, HoutbayOur third main was the ribs which my friend thoroughly enjoyed. I had a little taster too and they were soft and fell off the bone. I wouldn’t have mind if the sauce was reduced a little longer as I like my really sweet and sticky, American style, but this is a Greek restaurant so I was happy to try their version too. The texture of the meat was fantastic and the portion size was great. Often rib portions can be HUGE! But Spiros offered anĀ adequateĀ amount, enough to finish the meal with all the trimmings without taking away or over eating.

Lamb Yiro at Spiros, Houtbay

The home-made chips were lovely in crisp and texture, however, one of the reasons why I don’t use rock salt on chips is because it just bounces off! This is exactly what happened so I had to keep adding more and more salt to try keep some of it on. The oregano was also pretty Ā non-existent so that could be trumped-up a bit.

Happy staff at Spiros, Houtbay

Spiros’ is a family friendly restaurant with many sections; it almost seems like more and more rooms were added on. I don’t mind this over sitting in one massive room where noise levels get higher and higher. This way things are kept intimate. There’s an outside patio at the entrance, a room to the left and the right which leads to an outside bar. I understand that when the restaurant closes then the bar remains open.

I’d definitely return to Spiros’ and have the yiro again and next time, continue to work my way through the starter menu. If you’re looking for a Quay-Four type restaurant away from the sea, Spiros’ is the perfect venue for large gatherings, where kids can happily play whilst their folks enjoy a toot. Find it on the Chappies side of Houtbay.

Spiros Lounge, Houtbay

Members from Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Skid Row & Collective Soul r set to rock #GrandArena

If you thought Symphonic Rocks was a super group, check this out! Guitarists Slash (Guns & Roses), Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard), Gilby Clarke (Guns n Roses), bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), drummer Matt Sorum (Guns n Roses) and singers Joe Elliot (Def Leppard), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) and Ed Rolland (Collective Soul) are heading to the Grand Arena on June 8th, 2013.

Kings of Chaos is a pure rock n roll show show casing these massive talents for a 2 hour uninterrupted show for one night only. Tickets go on sale today at Computicket for the following prices:

PLEASE NOTE: Prices subject to change.

R700.00: Golden Circle Standing
R550.00: General Floor Standing
R495.00: Mezzanine Rows A to H
R445.00: Mezzanine Rows J to Q
R375.00: Wheelchair Platform


Michael McInTyre on Tour in South Africa!

I always think of him as the man with the silly fringe. His hair seems to replica his funny job! Michael McInTyre is one of the few comedians out there was manages to spread humour without involving heaps of sex or swearing which is probably why he’s Britain’s favourite comedians. He was also recently acknowledged as the most successful comedian in the UK as he has sold over 7 00 000 in Britain alone.

Ironically I’m not much of a stand up comedy fan, however this man truly is funny and doesn’t need to laugh at his own jokes to try convince the audience that it’s funny (I hate when comics do that).

Catch Michael McInTyre at the Grand Arena, Grand West on April 19th 2013. Tickets are now on sale at Computicket from R257.00 – R668.00 (various prices depending on location within the Arena).

Every Time I Die LIVE in Cape Town!

Every Time I Die FlierHilltop Live, the events company responsible for Oppikoppi, likes to present great gigs outside of the festival promise. April sees them hosting New Yorker metal band Every Time I Die live in Cape Town and Jozi in association with Jagermeister. There will be an opening act but it is yet to be announced.

  • Who: You, You, Me, Me and Ev-er-y-bo-dy
  • Where: The Assembly
  • When: Saturday, April 27th
  • Why: Live South African Tour
  • What: General Entrance = R150.00. Tickets available from TicketBreak.

Click Attending on the Every Time I Die (Live) in South Africa Facebook Event to keep up to date with the event!

Meet and Greet with RISE AGAINST! Courtesy of @Ramfest

Rise Against ChillWow, the only time I ever hear about meet and greets is usually long after the fact and it tends to be a spontaneous thing. But that’s not the case with Rise Against! They’ll be at the V&A Waterfront to meet and greet ALL their fans (not just those who supported them at Ramfest).

Who: Your face and Rise Against
Where: Music at the V&A Waterfront
When: Tuesday, 12th of March
Why: Spread some love
What: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Here’s the Facebook event for the Rise Against Meet and Greet created by Ramfest if you’d like to click Attending.

Samsung Galaxy’s Next International: ROGER SANCHEZ

Space (Ibiza) 1Samsung Galaxy has been on a mission recently to bring quality internationals to South Africa. The last show I went to was Pete Tong at The Reserve. The Ā first Pete Tong new year’s event being cancelled due to the Cape Doctor ruining the event, however it seems that they’ve learnt from their experience with unpredictable Cape Town weather and will now be hosting Space Ibiza at The Side Show.

Club Space, situated in Ibiza, was voted asĀ the best super club and global club by theĀ International Dance Music Awards numerous times over the last decade.

Space Ibiza in South Africa

SpaceĀ (Ibiza) will be the first of an annual event in South Africa with the inaugural eventĀ featuring Grammy award winner (for his remix of No Doubt’s Hella Good, 2003)Ā Roger Sanchez (USA), Camilo Franco and Danny Marquez (resident as Space).

  • Who: Roger Sanchez, Camilo Franco, Danny Marquez
  • Where: The Side Show
  • When: 27th April
  • What: Tickets from Computicket from R200 (Early Bird). R280 there after, R300 (Door).

I never forgot this Roger Sanchez video!!!


[PICS] Bombay Bicycle Club, Kloof Street.

Bombay Bicycle Club Cape Town DecorI went to the Bombay Bicycle Club when it first opened in Cape Town amist the rumours that it originated from the Madame Zingara chain. Some said it was competition after the theatre went bust overseas, some said it was to try to keep the dream alive, either way, I was there to see what all the hype was about. Well. I couldn’t get back in ever since then! And that was about 2 years ago! The Bombay Bicycle Club certainly has become a favourite in Cape Town regardless of its inception.

Spiced Butter at Bombay Bicycle Club, Cape Town

Because of their busy restaurant, I booked well in advance for my anniversary dinner. I was excited to go back and get stuck into all the great food I’d been hearing about as well as explore all the fun, arty, trinkets, bohemian styled decor. Situated at the top of Kloof Street, the Bombay Bicycle Club really feels like one’s fallen into an 18th century treasure trove, however, the food isn’t outdated.

Deep Fried Camembert, Bombay Bicycle Club, Cape TownWe were presented with spiced butter. I was very sceptical at first because it looked like a mousse, and I hate seafood, but it was a delicious, Moroccan spiced butter. For my actual starter I had the deep-fried camembert in a beer batter. It came with a rather unusual sauce. At first I liked it because it was quite bolognaise like in flavour but the more I ate of it, the more bitter it became so I ended up taking my camembert off the plate to reduce the amount of flavour as much as possible. It really didn’t work for me.

Chocolate Chilli Steak, Bombay Bicycle Club, Cape TownFor mains I had the chilli chocolate steak. I was torn between the lamb shank and the fillet but as the waiter said, you can get lamb shank anywhere, you CAN NOT get this chocolate chili steak everywhere! And he was totally right. It was absolutely DELICIOUS! He was a really friendly, fun, courteous without being stuffy, waiter. I enjoyed his service throughout the night.

Ribs at Bombay Bicycle Club, Cape TownMy partner had the ribs for his main. We’re BIG rib fans but ONLY if they’re turbo. SO many places serve ribs that are actually terrible. Neighbourhood is our absolute favourite but we’d heard the Bombay gave it a good fight. They were absolutely delicious, less sweet and more spicy but just as sticky as expected. They definitely rank in our top 2! šŸ˜‰

My fillet was accompanied by potato bake which I really love because my Mother never made it. Pumpkin and green veg also make me happy. I always need the tri-factor in my meals, meat + starch + veg = FTW!

I’d definitely recommend going to the Bombay Bicycle Club for a beautiful meal.

Veg at Bombay Bicycle Club, Cape Town

It’s not cheap (but not over board expensive either). Both of our meals, with drinks (non alcoholic) came to just under R500 for everything. Definitely try book ahead of time and enjoy a beautiful meal out with someone special or even friends! They have a random 241 at 10pm so you can save with that drink special and have a fun, frivolous meal.

Rocking the Daisies 2013 Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow!

Ok, I know I’m being a LITTLE eager here but it’s Rocking the Daisies! Don’t judge me *sniff sniff* šŸ˜‰

P.S Tickets go on sale on March 7th.

Rocking the Daisies Dates 2013